Terms and conditions

Important Notice

  1. Please read the terms and conditions of the internet banking services offered by Prime bank ("the bank") laid down below, carefully.By logging into the system you agree to abide by all the Bank's rules unconditionally.If you do not agree to any or all the terms please do not proceed further.
  2. For using the internet banking services you are required to apply to Bank following the laid down procedures and obtain necessary access credentials.Attempts to log into the sytem without Bank's authorization is deemed illegal and punishable under law.
  3. Please do not share your login name and passwords with anyone including Bank's employees.Plesase do not write them down or store them in clear text to prevent their misuse and perpetration of fraud.
  4. The site map provided under the login screen provides a link to Bank's registered website (www.primebank.co.ke).Please note that the information on the website is subject to change from time to time on Bank's discretion.
  5. Please be aware that information sent over the internet is open to interception,capture,modification,misuse or loss.You are therefore encouraged to use the internet banking services from a secure environment.
  6. You are also encouraged to use standard hardware and standard licensed software with effective protection against viruses and malware duly installed.Please restrict the use of the computer by selecting strong passwords.If any third party software is installed in the system please ensure that use of such software does not weaken system security.Please use standard browser programs with necessary patches installed for optimum performance with security.
  7. The Bank will be pleased to provide more information and guidance on the security. Please therfore do not hesitate to contact us any time. In case there is a security breach or you suspect a potential breach please notify the bank at once and seek assistance.
  8. All disputes arising from the use of the Prime bank internet banking services shall be subject to resolution under the laws of the Republic of Kenya.
  9. I/We confirms that the transaction represents underlying merchant activity and or permitted under all laws, regulations, decrees, administrative rules and orders of the Republic of Kenya and the Central Bank of Kenya or any other properly empowered ministry or department of the Government of Kenya as amended from time to time and undertake to produce the transaction documents to the bank on demand; and the bank can avail the documents to the Central Bank of Kenya for examination purposes.